25 years at Shipco

I would have never imagined spending 25 years at the same company, until I started at Shipco. My journey at Shipco has been a big part of my life. I still remember being approached by Morten Bach for an interview while I was working for a competitor at the time (Conterm), and I did not even want to go to the interview. The only reason I went to the interview is thanks to one of my mentors & friend, Alan Matula, who started at Shipco, and he told me how great it was and about its culture plus that they have a bar. 

I did not believe him at the time until I saw for myself. I started as a Trade Lane Coordinator handling all EMEA, back then you did soup to nuts the loading, rating of b/ls, entering of bills of lading and manifests, pouching and faxing.  We had to type on typewriters which you cannot even find one nowadays. Shipco was a lot smaller back then, in Hoboken which included New York office and Corporate together. I have held several positions at Shipco, starting from Trade Lane Coordinator for different regions, then the setup was changed where we separated into three departments of customer service, operations, and documentation. 

I was in operations loading containers, so Christian thought it was a great idea to be close to the warehouse, at the time the office in Bayonne was being built. So, we ended up working in a trailer inside the warehouse which was Sarcona at the time which was always an adventure. I remember some of our best times were spent in the trailer with a small group of colleagues whom we grew very close together. We shared some of the best laughs in that trailer none that can be shared due to HR policies nowadays but all good clean fun. I mean we knew every Thursday we would have to work until 2-3am and be back at work Friday at 7am since all the vessels sailed over the weekend and we only had Thursday to load and Friday to deliver. 

This is how I met Thorkild calling him at Maersk asking him for late gates on Friday nights. We then moved to the Bayonne office, which was built in 2001 at 20 Pulaski Street, where the cfs was located, where I held several positions after as Lcl export Manager, Asst. General Manager and General Manager. 

I was General Manager of New York for 12 years and enjoyed the office mostly the people whom I have worked with many for so many years and became family. My first day as General Manager in Bayonne office, I received a call that Saturday night saying the warehouse was on fire. The sprinklers went off in the Shipco office everything was drenched and six inches of water on the floor. I had no idea what to do at that point, but luckily, I called Steen Dyrholm whom gave me best advice and said to use my best judgement. We went through anything and everything in New York office all which helped us grow and learn for the next time. 

I later started running Boston and Miami office at the same time for a couple of years again different experiences with each office which is what I loved the most. It was bittersweet when I left my office colleagues, but I was given the opportunity to become VP of Lcl Export which my passion has always been with export lcl. 2 years later, I started also handling Lcl import as well.   I thought it was a crazy idea but worked out only because we have a great team of experts in lcl which made it much easier. 

Two months later, I was offered my current position as Executive Vice President of which I can say is my favorite so far as I am dealing with all US offices as well as products, which I am able to have a bit of both at the same time. I have such great passion for this industry which is a people industry and love what I do and the challenges it brings. I have also been part of the New York New Jersey Freight Forwarders association since 2013 serving as Secretary and Chair for their annual dinner event, which is the picture, I used from our most recent event this past February. 

This industry is big but small at the same time as you meet so many people and everyone begins to know each other thanks to Shipco I have been able to meet important members of our industry. It really is a world of opportunities in your hands and proof you can go anywhere in life with determination and hard work. 

I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have had at Shipco and fortunate to have two great mentors since I started Shipco, first with Christian Mogelvang and then Robert Zorzi. I learned a lot from both in different ways and am thankful they always pushed me beyond my limits.

During my 25 years at Shipco, I had my three boys, Alex, Christian, and Eric, and have been married for over 20 years to my husband Marcio and presently reside in small town Bayonne, New Jersey which I have been so blessed with my family. They have been tremendous support with my career. I love spending time with my boys doing their favorite things and cooking meals for them whenever I have free time even though they say I do not cook as good as grandma but trying to learn their favorite recipes.

Christine Solorzano
Executive Vice President, Americas Region

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    Great history!!! Congratulations for your voyage in Shipco!!

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