Coffee with Ruta Simkunaite – Regional Lead, Rate Database Management – Europe- Vilnius

We asked Ruta to share her experience of visiting Pune, India. 

I visited our Pune Resource Center (PRC) in October. It was my third business trip to Pune, as amazing as the first two were. I felt excited and, to tell the truth, a bit worried before the trip. The agenda was ready, with tickets and a pack of vitamins, so I didn’t get ill before the trip. But the start of the journey was not as smooth as I had expected.

Exceptionally long queues at the airport and commotion at the check-in desk led to hearing my name for the last call for boarding testing my running skills. After I reached the gate, I saw Michail Smeliov, GM of GSG Shipco Europe, calmly standing and waiting for me. It was the first business trip to Pune for Michail, and, as some people would expect, I could have been the one helping him out a bit as I already had some experience. But no. It was the opposite! We reached Pune on a Sunday noon and still had quite some time to stroll around the town, a visit to the Ganesha Temple, cladded with gold, full of flowers, and the scent of sandalwood dispersed everywhere. It was fascinating to experience the flow of vehicles and people crisscrossing the streets in older parts of Pune city.

A big thanks to Michail and Nitin, Sandeep, Rohit, Valerian, Swapnil, Shubhangi, and the entire PRC team.

The next day started with a warm welcome at the office by various teams at PRC. I was so glad to finally meet the people who help me remotely every day. Meetings from morning to evening with PRC proved what I knew even before coming – people working at PRC are incredible. They are willing to assist with any requests, are hardworking, and always come up with the best possible solutions for any issues.

We also celebrated Dussehra the next day. Dussehra is a celebration of good over evil and is one of the most auspicious days of the year in India. People tend to buy new things during that day, especially vehicles and houses (I failed with this, though). The offices were decorated with vibrant marigold flowers, and people wore traditional outfits. I was presented with a Saree, some jewelry, and makeup to look more Indian (a quote from Ladies)! It was an honor to wear a traditional outfit on that day. PRC made sure that Michail and I felt the true festive spirit. India and Indian people never cease to amaze. In the end – here is some advice for anyone considering going to Pune. Just do it! I am sure you will enjoy it.

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