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Meet Our People

Today we are giving an extra special focus on our Atlanta Airfreight Team!

Did you know that as of November 1, 2022 we also opened our 20,000 sq ft CCSF in Atlanta? Initially, we concentrated on utilizing it for our own cargo growth – but recently we opened our warehouse services for 3rd party traffic as well. What does that mean? That means we are accepting cargo for pick-up, screening, warehousing, and transfer as a standalone product to our customers. For more information, please contact our local Airfreight Manager, Betina Zaffuto at

Why our consolidations are taking off!

Below is an excerpt from a report released by World ACD market data yesterday:

At our airfreight offices around the country, we are not seeing a decline in activities. Quite the contrary. The truth, however, lies in the fact that the average airfreight shipment has gotten smaller. Last year at this time the ports on both the East and West coasts were clogged, and many ocean shipments got converted to airfreight. Therefore, we no longer see the same amount of 10,000 or 20,000kgs pops.

Smaller shipments call for consolidation…A consolidation is not all about lower rates. It is also about predictability, unitizing and having control from A to Z. If a small shipment goes sideways at its destination, gets damaged or delayed – you are much better off having Shipco involved at destination than trying to fix the shipment with the carrier directly.

And the old myth that consolidations are more expensive to hand over at destination is not true. At many locations the out-of-pocket cost at destination is less than a traditional back-to-back shipment.

To London, as an example, we have multiple weekly departures from 10 gateways. All with a minimum of $50.00 AND all on direct flights!

If you use our online rate engine, Air2Z (and why wouldn’t you), Shipco consolidations are always listed as an alternative to the direct/back to back shipments.

For more information on our services and how Shipco Airfreight can assist you, reach out to our team at!

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