Air2Z is the platform the majority of our customers use to look up rates & schedules, quote their customers, and susequently book and track their shipments. When tracking shipments you can also see copies of AWBs, on-hands and images of the cargo when you’re logged in. When utilzing our online tracking function, you can even see if the truck has been dispatched, if the shipment has been picked up, and when the airline has moved it to the destination. All this is at your fingertips...

See for yourself:

But it all starts with a rate...

In Air2Z you have access to rates provided by more than 50 airlines. These airlines provide us with rates regularly. Some are ’street rates’, some are contract rates, and some are rates we have negotiated through global agreements. However, just because the airline provides us with a rate, it does not mean they have space at that rate tomorrow. In fact, most airlines provide us with different service levels frequently these days.

Most often the airlines provide us with two or three rate levels such as:

General Rates

Priority Rates

Express Rates 

Above are Qatar’s current rates to Singapore. They offer a general rate and a ”Gold” rate. 

During the pandemic and now also impacted by the war in Ukraine, some destinations have been impossible to get space at General Rates. When you quote your customer, quote both a General Rate and a Priority/Express rate option so you can provide them different solutions should space not be available at time of booking.

When you inquire in Air2Z for a specific shipment, you are often prompted to ask for a spot rate. When you do so, we will check the market and revert with a rate that at this very point in time offers space. Take advantage of this.

For more information on Air2Z and how it can become all the air cargo software you need, check with Renee Graves at or connect with us at for any of your airfreight needs whether it be exports, imports, or even foreign to foreign.

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