When The New Normal Is Anything But Normal!

During the last week IAG (British Airways) reported that the FTC (Freight Ton Kilometer) fell by 5% in Q2, and at the same time London Heathrow put a capacity gap on the airport limiting the number of operations allowed. Furthermore, Asian airports reported a slowdown in cargo throughout for the 4th month in a row, and Asian freighter carriers reported a 4.1% decline in tonnage.

Airlines such as Scandinavian Airlines and Lufthansa have been experiencing strikes, and the labor shortage in many European airports has caused an unprecedented number of delays and cancelations.

…And oh yes, yesterday New Zealand cancelled the last Covid-19 related restriction. 

Inflation is nearing 10% in some countries, and fuel prices continue to soar.

What effect will the above have on airfreight capacity and rates? How do we keep track of this ever-changing market? 

A good question with no easy answers. 

However, if you subscribe to Shipco’s Air2Zrate engine, you have immediate access to rates from more than 50 airlines. The rates are updated as we get the updates from the airlines. This even includes promo rates and specials.

You can also view schedules for the airlines that offer it. Look up Unknown or HHG rates, ask for spot rates, do online bookings, etc. All our rates offer both Shipco Consolidations as well as Direct/Back-to-Back rates should you so choose. The system even allows you to add door pick up as part of your request and it will offer you rates by a TSA accredited trucking company.

View the progress of your shipment from pick-up to arrival at destination and download images of the cargo or the associated documents as needed.

Air2Z puts you in control and in the know. See for yourself at https://vimeo.com/543926441. Or for more details and access contact Renee Graves rgraves@shipco.com

More helpful contact information:

For Air Import rates: airimport@shipco.com

For Shipments to/from Canada: yyzair@shipco.com

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