From left to right: Marqueveia McCarter, Ali Zaidi, Elsa Cruz, Bryan Valencia, Pearl Manai

Meet Our People

Today’s special focus is on our Los Angeles Airfreight team! Shipco Airfreight has been active in Los Angeles since the mid 90’s and was our 3rd office to open in the USA. Marqueveia McCarter is our Airfreight Manager now and has been a true asset to our company in her many years at Shipco.

Did you know that today we operate our own warehouse and screening facility conveniently located near the airport? For more information, please contact

The New New Year…

As we all are settling in after the New Year’s celebrations, we must get used to a different world. This time last year we had almost 100 vessels anchored outside Long Beach creating a huge bottle neck throughout our infrastructure. Cargo was easy to come by, but space not so much!

We are now back to a new (and slower) normal. We need to be a bit nimbler. And this is where Shipco Airfreight can assist you! Here’s how:

1. Save Money: Shipco Airfreight offers consolidations from all our nine gateways (including Toronto, Canada) to a long list of destinations. In fact, we have more than 100 scheduled consolidations each week including Australia, South Africa, Israel, Vietnam, Thailand, and many more. As an example, nine weekly consolidations to LHR, with minimum as low as $50.00! And remember, we do not charge transfer fees on shipments booked on our consolidations. It’s a win for you all the way around.

2. Save Time: Shipco offers you access to our online tool Air2Z. In Air2Z you look up rates from any USA zip code to literally any airport in the world. You get to compare up to 50 airlines, you can quote (with your own logo), you can book, see images of your cargo and do track and trace. At all times, 24-7. In fact, you need little else but Air2Z to run an airfreight department. See for yourself...

3. Save Time & Money: Get air import rates from overseas. It is as easy as sending an email to Our team is centrally located here in the USA to assist you with any air import shipment you have from around the world. We even offer foreign-to-foreign air services for you! Take the pressure and hassle off and contact us.

4. Stay Compliant: Shipco offers pick-up with trucking companies that comply with TSA regulations. In fact, in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York we can also offer screening, warehousing, storage and transfer services.

Saving is not all about the money!

Yes, Shipco does rank among the top 2% in the USA when it comes to airfreight buying power and we do offer good rates. But ease of use, comprehensive service offerings and stability count too. It’s a value that you almost couldn’t possibly put a price on. So, whether it is airfreight, ocean freight or domestic options that you need help with, Shipco is your answer.

For more information, contact us at

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