Our New General Manager - Air Import

We are very happy to announce that Kristian Nielsen has assumed the position as General Manager-Airfreight Import.

Kristian is not new to Shipco Airfreight, however. He has been with Shipco for well over 10 years. Kristian has been our local Air Manager in Houston for several years and will continue to oversee this branch as well.

As with everything else we do, Shipco is solely catering to freight forwarders and logistics providers for any air imports. 


Question: Kristian, most US forwarders have overseas agents. Why would they come to Shipco for air imports?

Answer: First, it is convenient. No matter the origin and no matter the cargo, the US forwarder only communicates with Shipco, and we take care of the rest. Secondly, between our own overseas offices and fellow AirCargoGroup partners, the US forwarder gets access to a huge network of neutral wholesalers and can take advantage of our combined buying power.

Question: Doesn’t the forwarder loose his identity and control by co-loading with Shipco Airfreight? 

Answer: Quite the contrary. The forwarder’s customer will never know Shipco was involved, and the forwarder gets much more time to service his customer in all other aspects. 

Question: How do I reach your Air Import department? 

Answer: It’s easy! Our Shipco air import function is centralized. Regardless of origin and destination – feel free to contact us at AirImport@Shipco.com 


“What a relief!”

…says our Shipco Airfreight Commercial Operations Manager, Andrew Sagvay. He continues to say, “after the usual teething problems of moving operations, we are now fully functional in our new building just north of Newark Airport. With seven dock doors and 25,000 sq ft of DSA (Designated Screening Area), we have no lines for receiving, plenty of space to lay out cargo for screening, and on-site K9s to be more efficient and flexible to our customer’s needs.”

In December 2021, Shipco Airfreight moved into its brand-new facility in Kearny, NJ. Aside from the large warehouse for cargo, our facility also features our in-house trucking company making transfers to the airports a breeze. 

Need Shipco’s assistance out of the Northeast? Please contact our team at nycair@shipco.com

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