As of today March 1st, phase two of the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) goes into effect.

As such, all air shipments to, or via, the European Union + Norway and Switzerland must be cleared for departure ahead of loading onto the aircraft. This will allow EU Customs authorities to better identify and question any high-risk consignments ahead of departure.

ICS2 requires certain data points, such as:

 • Detailed commodity description

 • 6-digit Harmonized Commodity Codes (HS6)

 • Consignee’s Economic Registration and Identification Number (EORI)

The data points must be to EU Customs ahead of the shipment being tendered to the airlines. It is the airline that submits the data to EU Customs (at least for now). Upon receipt and inspection of the data, EU Customs will inform the airline as to whether they can load the shipment at origin, or if they need additional information to accept loading.

Shipco Airfreight will submit the information to the airlines electronically on your behalf There are still a lot of different and contradicting information in the market about ICS2. At Shipco, we do our very best to stay informed and keep our customers abreast of these requirements. For accurate and up-to-date information check here

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