What about Air Imports?

Did you know that Shipco Airfreight…

Has global coverage with more than 20 airfreight offices outside the USA, including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Works with our fellow partners in AirCargoGroup throughout countries where we are not present in our own right – such as AGS, SacoGroupAir, Teamglobal, Simply Cargo, New Charter and SSC.

Does all the hard work for you. You need no overseas involvement, as we work on your behalf and will coordinate everything from origin to destination.

Does not expect profit share. The rate we offer includes everything…no strings attached. Makes it so easy even an export person can do it! Just email for rates at airimport@shipco.com

New York to Tel Aviv

We have 8 ULD allotments per week from Newark to Tel Aviv. All on direct flights!

Tender your freight to us at our Kearny, NJ warehouse – or have us arrange the pick-up directly from the shipper on your behalf. We have TSA approved drivers, reasonable pick-up rates, and waive the transfer fee.

Contact us at nycair@shipco.com for more information

LAX Airfreight – Big News!

After almost 15 years with Shipco in Los Angeles, Marqueveia McCarter is taking the reins as our local LAX Airfreight Manager. Not only does she have a wealth of experience, but she is a natural fit for this next step. Join us in congratulating Marqueveia on her new role! 

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