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Since the beginning of 2020 we have all experienced unimaginable disruption in our everyday lives. Our jobs have been chaotic to say the least with much more time and effort for just one shipment. Vendors are hard to reach, space is hard to find, customer service has been virtually non-existent. 

While the market begins to come back to some sort of normalcy, it is really just our “new normal”. Some things will never return to how it once was. And the market is still unstable depending on the origin or destination. With that said, Shipco Airfreight has you covered with our wide variety of options and services into most areas of the world. Whether exports, imports, foreign to foreign, or charter services we will work with you to find SOLUTIONS and do all the labor-intensive work behind the scenes so you can get back to taking care of your customers. 

Why use Shipco Airfreight?

1. DOOR PICK UP SERVICES – leave the inland arrangements to us with TSA compliant truckers

2. DESTINATION SERVICES - with our global offices and neutral partners

3. SPACE – we have allocations and BSAs (blocked space agreements) with many airlines to many areas of the world

4. CONSOLIDATIONS – our worldwide consolidation options save you time and money by pre-screening your cargo, building units to provide better rates overall, limiting risk of shipments left behind or damaged, and bettering your transit time

5. SCREENING – we are a CCFS (Certified Cargo Screening Facility) at many of our gateways providing you cost savings and a faster turn around time

6. ONLINE TOOLS for quoting/booking/tracking – Air2Z – if you do not have access yet you are missing out on an amazing platform allowing you 24/7 access to do your own quotes, bookings, and tracking. See for yourself at Or for more details and access contact Renee Graves 

What’s NEW?

• Our unbeatable services to TLV from all over the USA! We also offer DAP services by request. 

AKL – New Zealand is on our Consol services to meet your needs.

• Better solutions to hard to reach places in Australia and South Africa.

• A new warehouse is coming to ATL in September with more space to handle your cargo. 

More helpful contact information:

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